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Armando is 10 years old, he’s a little boy like everyone else, he lives in a village with his mother Amelia, a charming woman who has always been very attentive to his son. There is also Arturo with them, Amelia’s husband after the passing of Armando’s father. Unfortunately Arturo reinvests all the few money, left by the poor man, to go drinking, and when he comes back home he’s always drunk and he beats and abuses the poor Amelia. They both think that Armando doesn’t know anything, but he can’t manage to close his eyes every night, until his mother stops screaming and groaning. On Armando’s birthday his mother gives him a seal box left by his father, who made a particular request, when he was still alive: she had to give it to Armando on his tenth birthday. This is a gift that will change their lives forever.

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